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Using Happy Grazers
Slow Feeders

Our feeders hold up to 2 full bales per feeder (average-sized 2-cord bales).  No more having to get up early, if you don’t want to because you “have to feed the horses”.  No more having to leave your friends to be home by a certain time because “I have to feed the horses”.  You can set a worry-free feeding schedule that meets your individual and equine needs.


Happy-Grazer’s uniquely designed legs keep the feeder and the hay off the ground out of the mud and dust and sand.  However, the legs can be shortened, or completely removed to accommodate the individual size and needs of your grazer.

How Horses Eat With Happy Grazers Feeders

Happy Grazers are designed to mimic natural healthy grazing habits in horses.  This is achieved by the use of specially designed nets that eliminate unnatural gulping and gorging. Happy Grazers also reduce boredom and developed stereotypes such as cribbing, pacing, biting, and depression in stalled horses because they can naturally graze on that same amount of food naturally, safely, and longer. Happy Grazers make happy healthy horses and happy, worry-free owners who are not wasting money and time by hay tossed on the ground and dirtied that must be cleaned up and thrown away.

Loading Happy Grazers Feeders

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